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On Sony, Disney, and Spider-Man: We Know Nothing

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As we argue about whether Spider-Man would be better with Sony or Disney, if Sony is a David to Disney’s Goliath, we miss this fact. We know nothing. So argues Tim Stevens who urges the internet against getting too deep in making uninformed predictions.

Hobbs and Show Poster Feature


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HOBBS & SHAW maintains the proud FAST AND FURIOUS tradition of being wildly over the top and utterly entertaining says ComicsVerse’s Tim Stevens.

November Short Takes: Featured Fantastic Beasts: CRIMES

Short Take Film Reviews, Overstuffed November Edition

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It was a busy November for movies and some slipped by without reviews. ComicsVerse critic Tim Stevens sweeps up the likes of OVERLORD, FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD, THE GRINCH and more in a Overstuffed November edition of Short Takes.