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Why Spider-Woman Should Be Marvel’s Next Big Female Superhero

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Are you a fan of Spider-Woman? Ever feel like Jessica Drew deserves a spot on the MCU roster?

This week, Justin Gilbert Alba, Carlos Escobosa, Haley Paterson, and Jesse Camou sat down to discuss just that. In this podcast, we focus on Brian Michael Bendis‘ runs on SPIDER-WOMAN: ORIGIN and SPIDER-WOMAN: AGENT OF S.W.O.R.D. While we weren’t all fans of these comics, we all agreed that the character deserves more recognition in the Marvel Universe.

After first appearing in 1977 and receiving an ongoing series the following year, Jessica Drew’s character followed an erratic path. Her character’s origin was inconsistent and so were her comic books. However, when Bendis grew fond of the character after writing NEW AVENGERS, he attempted to invigorate interest in Spider-Woman through SPIDER-WOMAN: ORIGIN. A few years later, he wrote SPIDER-WOMAN: AGENT OF SWORD as a follow up to SECRET INVASION. The latter of his runs also released as a motion comic shortly after its physical release.

A Great Introduction to Spider-Woman

Although we were all familiar with Spider-Woman, a few of us had never read her solo comic books. As the discussion consisted of both fans and newcomers of these comics, there was a lot to debate. The comics, although not all of us agreed, provide a fantastic set-up for Jessica Drew’s story and character.

Furthermore, Marvel’s motion comic for SPIDER-WOMAN: AGENT OF S.W.O.R.D. allows fans to experience the story through a different medium. Being able to watch stories unfold, as opposed to reading them, allows for an audience new to comics to step into the comic book world.

In this podcast, we discuss our reactions to Bendis’ Spider-woman, her potential in the MCU, and the medium of motion comics. If you’re a fan of Jessica Drew or want to learn more about her, this is the podcast for you!

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