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On Sony, Disney, and Spider-Man: We Know Nothing

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As we argue about whether Spider-Man would be better with Sony or Disney, if Sony is a David to Disney’s Goliath, we miss this fact. We know nothing. So argues Tim Stevens who urges the internet against getting too deep in making uninformed predictions.


Reboots and Alternative Universes: The Fantasy of Fixing America

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Reboots and alternative universes are more popular than ever. TV is letting us relive our favorite shows in the hopes that we can fix the future.

ComicsVerse Presents: The Best Summer Movies of 2019

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Despite a rather lackluster summer blockbuster season, 2019 had a handful of great films and some even verged on masterpieces. Whether they be big budget entries or indie darlings that flew under the radar, these are the films that stood out to critics and moviegoers alike. Not to mention five more films to watch out for in the final months of 2019.