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  • Bloodshot #7 cover Exclusive First Look: BLOODSHOT #7 New Story Arc

    Bloodshot #7 hits your local comic book shop on March 11, but thanks to Valiant Entertainment, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive first look for you. The book is written by Tim Seeley, with Marc Laming’s pencils and inks, Tyler Kirkham worked on the cover. The finished pages will feature Andrew Dalhouse’s colors, and Dave […] Read Story

  • Review: DEATH TO THE ARMY OF DARKNESS #1 – Ashes To Ashes

    Trouble is always around the corner for the chainsaw and boomstick wielding Ash Williams, yet in Dynamite’s newest series, Death to The Army of Darkness #1, Ash receives help from a team of himself. Death to The Army of Darkness #1 follows Sam Raimi’s 1992 Army of Darkness film, but the first issue includes a […] Read Story

  • bang! matt kindt interview dark horse comics comic books Interview: Matt Kindt Discusses His New Series BANG!

    BANG! #1 is out this Wednesday, February 19th, from Dark Horse Comics, and we had the chance to speak with writer Matt Kindt about the highly anticipated series. The series is by Kindt and artist Wilfredo Torres, with colors by Nayoung Kim and letters by Nate Piekos. BANG! has received a lot of positive buzz leading […] Read Story

  • PREVIEW: WOLVERINE #1 WOLVERINE #1 Preview: Logan Takes The Hunt To Krakoa

    Wolverine #1 hits your local comic book shop this week, and Marvel Comics dropped a six-page preview on Friday, and it looks like Logan is in over his head once again. The book is written by Benjamin Percy with art by Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic. Frank Martin Jr and Matt Wilson worked on colors. […] Read Story

  • IDW's SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Runs Free Of Archie Comics' Past IDW’s SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Runs Free Of Archie Comics’ Past

    As the Sonic The Hedgehog series celebrates its first milestone by reaching 25 issues with IDW comics, its time for fans of the Archie Comics series to jump on board. It may be hard to accept, but the characters from Archie’s run are not needed in the new universe created by IDW. With the debut […] Read Story

  • Heartbeat #3 cover Silence Is Golden: The Wordless Panel

    Silence is indeed golden and also wonderful tool for any comic creator to keep in their box.

    Read Story

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