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  • QT8: The Poster QT8: THE FIRST EIGHT Interesting But May Be Too in Love

    QT8: THE FIRST EIGHT offers an interesting look at Quentin Tarantino’s career through THE HATEFUL EIGHT but frequently shies away from digging deeper.

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  • Knives Out: Feature Family Photo KNIVES OUT Makes for a Delicious Thanksgiving Treat

    ComicsVerse’s Tim Stevens cannot stop praising KNIVES OUT, the new film from director Rian Johnson. It’s a funny whodunnit with big things on its mind and almost no downside.

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  • How HBO’s WATCHMEN Deconstructs Whitewashed Heroism

    With each new episode, HBO’s WATCHMEN sequel has held a magnifying glass to the dark history of America that we have tried to keep under wraps. Episode 6, “This Extraordinary Being” pushes that scandalous critique to its limit by calling out the whitewashing of a centerpiece of American pop culture: superheroes. And it starts with the origin of Hooded Justice.

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  • BATMAN UNIVERSE #6 Concludes The Series In A Grand Manner

    Brian Michael Bendis’ first solo outing of The Dark Knight, Batman Universe comes to its dramatic close with colorful fights, a universe without Batman, and an iconic homage in this Wednesday’s Batman Universe #6! Batman Universe #6 was originally published in Batman Giant #13 and #14 exclusive to Walmart. Check out our review of the first […] Read Story


    The youth of the 90s will rejoice this Wednesday, as two of the most beloved franchises meet for the first time in comics history from BOOM! Studios (in partnership with IDW and Nickelodeon) in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1! Cowabunga, that’s a long title! Since Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles […] Read Story

  • Ghost Rider 2099 Review: GHOST RIDER 2099 #1 Stalls On The First Ride

    The future is here with Ghost Rider 2099 #1 from Ed Brisson, Damien Couceiro, Dono Sanchez-Almara, and VC’s Joe Carmagna. Does this new spirit of vengeance take the reader on a wild ride or does it find a way to break down at the start? Summary SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE OVERDRIVE! It’s the city that never […] Read Story

  • Red Sonja #11 Review: The Tides of War are Turning in RED SONJA #11

    It’s true: Dragan may have taken Hyrkania. However, Sonja and her remaining band of allies have one last, desperate trick up their sleeve in Red Sonja #11, out this week from Dynamite Entertainment. Hyrkania is a vast grasslands separated from the rest of the Zamoran Empire by the Vilayet Sea. The only safe passage for […] Read Story

  • Review: 20XX #1 – Are You Down With The New Sickness?

    There’s a new sickness going around, but it’s pretty cool if it doesn’t kill you. 20XX, out this week from Image Comics, touches on a realistic future that we should really work harder to avoid. First up we have a newcomer to comics, Lauren Keely writing this story, and another first for Jonathan Luna working […] Read Story

  • Review: DIE #10 – Devious Dictation; Dangerous Deception

    Planning and plotting are the themes of the day as the dictator flexes her words in Die #10, out this week from Image Comics. Back for another chapter from the world of Die is author Kieron Gillen, artist Stephanie Hans, and letterer Clayton Cowles. This is a gorgeous work of art in your hands; cherish […] Read Story

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