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  • BAD RECEPTION #1 And How To Ruin The Perfect Day Review: BAD RECEPTION #1 And How To Ruin The Perfect Day

    With Bad Reception Juan Doe has created an unnerving and engaging opening issue with clever, atmospheric panels that draw the read relentlessly across the page.

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  • What're You Reading This Weekend? ORPHAN BLACK: THE NEXT CHAPTER – How The Writers Handled Change Of Medium

    Becoming a professional writer in comics is tough. Most writers work in other mediums to perfect his or her storytelling craft. That is why it was important to chat with Lindsay Smith and Heli Kennedy. They are a great example of expanding into new mediums for writers. Orphan Black is a science fiction series that […]

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  • Detective Comics #1009 Review: DETECTIVE COMICS #1009…Not the Book to Read Before Catching a Flight

    Bruce Wayne exists in two separate realities: that of a billionaire playboy, and another as the Caped Crusader. But, what’s Bruce to do when one of the world’s deadliest assassins seems to be gunning for the former persona and several of his powerful and wealthy associates? That seems to be the question in Detective Comics […]

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  • AfterShock Comics Exclusive Preview: DARK RED #6 – New Story Arc

    Dark Red #6 hits your local comic book store on September 4, but thanks to AfterShock Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive four-page preview to share with you. The series is by Tim Seeley and Corin Howell, with colors by Mark Englert, letters by Marshall Dillon, and a cover by Meghan Hetrick. The incentive […]

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  • Preview: DEADPOOL ANNUAL #1 Preview: DEADPOOL ANNUAL #1 – Acts Of Evil With A Twist

    DEADPOOL ANNUAL #1 hits your local comic book store on August 21, but thanks to Marvel Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive four-page preview. DEADPOOL ANNUAL #1 is written by Dana Schwartz, with art by Reilly Brown, Aaron Kuder is the cover artist, Nelson DeCastro & Craig Yeung inked the book, Matt Herms with […]

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  • Review: Rich Artwork & Storytelling in SONATA #3

    With Sonata #3, in stores this week from Image Comics, creators David Hine, Brian Haberlin, and Geirrod Van Dyke recover much of the magic they kindled on the first issue. Sonata, Pau, and Treen are thousands of kubits from home, in the planet’s southern hemisphere. At the same time, the Ran and Tayan put aside […]

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  • Morrison Green Lantern Blackstars Morrison’s ‘The Green Lantern’ Ending, ‘Blackstars’ Beginning

    If you’ve been enjoying The Green Lantern by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp, your reading list will be soon be undergoing a big change. DC Comics has announced that October’s issue #12 will be the end of the series (for now). This isn’t a huge surprise, as Morrison confirmed before the book even launched that issues […]

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  • ORPHAN AGE #5 Piles On The Tension Review: ORPHAN AGE #5 Piles On The Tension

    The strong layouts and attention to character makes Orphan Age #5 work exceptionally well. This series is picking up speed and heading in the right direction.

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