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  • Marvels Snapshots Busiek, Ross Reunite For MARVELS SNAPSHOTS

    To mark the 25th anniversary of the landmark series Marvels by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross, Marvel Comics has already given us Marvels Epilogue and the massive Marvels Monster-Sized Edition hardcover. Now comes news of a new 2020 series: Marvels Snapshots. According to Marvel.com, “industry legend Kurt Busiek will bring together incredible creative teams for […] Read Story

  • Review: Great Storytelling & Artwork SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN: ALIEN REALITY #1

    With Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality #1, out this week from Marvel Comics, creators Peter David and Greg Land offer up an interesting hook for their next installment of black suit Spidey stories. We first see a strange object crash to Earth. While Black Widow sets about investigating, Doctor Strange appears, suggesting this is no ordinary […] Read Story

  • DC Comics Exclusive Preview: METAL MEN #3

    Metal Men #3 hits your local comic book store on December 18th, but thanks to DC Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive six-page preview for you. About the issue: In this issue, it’s kaiju versus giant robot versus the Metal Men! After killing off one of the Metal Men, Nth Metal gets placed into […] Read Story

  • QT8: The Poster QT8: THE FIRST EIGHT Interesting But May Be Too in Love

    QT8: THE FIRST EIGHT offers an interesting look at Quentin Tarantino’s career through THE HATEFUL EIGHT but frequently shies away from digging deeper.

    Read Story
  • Knives Out: Feature Family Photo KNIVES OUT Makes for a Delicious Thanksgiving Treat

    ComicsVerse’s Tim Stevens cannot stop praising KNIVES OUT, the new film from director Rian Johnson. It’s a funny whodunnit with big things on its mind and almost no downside.

    Read Story
  • How HBO’s WATCHMEN Deconstructs Whitewashed Heroism

    With each new episode, HBO’s WATCHMEN sequel has held a magnifying glass to the dark history of America that we have tried to keep under wraps. Episode 6, “This Extraordinary Being” pushes that scandalous critique to its limit by calling out the whitewashing of a centerpiece of American pop culture: superheroes. And it starts with the origin of Hooded Justice.

    Read Story
  • [Review] Justin Madson’s BREATHERS is an Indie Masterpiece

    If you’re looking for range in a comic book publisher, you’d be wise to pay attention to It’s Alive. This October, It’s Alive published a delightfully positive, brightly-colored sci-fi adventure called Pink Lemonade, which combined the best parts of Jack Kirby’s art and Evel Knievel’s stunts. Now, It’s Alive has changed gears entirely, drawing us […] Read Story

  • Exclusive Preview: HEARTBEAT #3 And Jen Bartel’s Variant Cover From BOOM! Studios

    Heartbeat #3 hits your local comic book store on January 2nd, but thanks to BOOM! Studios, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive five-page preview for you, AND the first look at Jen Bartel’s variant cover! About the issue: After a thrilling encounter with Donatien, Eva finds herself becoming more interested in his macabre tastes. As […] Read Story

  • I'd Buy That For A Dollar I’d Buy That For A Dollar: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #148 (March 1986)

    Welcome to ‘I’d Buy That For A Dollar’ a column where I will be exploring the weird and wonderful world of dollar bin diving. The only rule is each and every comic is purchased for one dollar (or less!). This week’s book is The Spectacular Spider-Man #148. The Spectacular Spider-Man #148 ‘Night of The Living […] Read Story

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