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  • Fables by Willingham and Buckingham OPED: FABLES or the 150 Issue How-To on Killing Your Darlings

    Thirteen years is a lot of years. One hundred and fifty issues is a lot of issues. Yet somehow, writer Bill Willingham and artist Mark Buckingham make their brilliant series Fables feel too short. By the time you’re turning the final page, possibly after several years of reading about these characters, you already miss the world […] Read Story

  • BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Rises Above Its Troublesome Origin to Provide Inspiration

    Batman: The Killing Joke remains after all these years what it has always been. Controversial. Somewhat problematic. And brilliant. Alan Moore’s disturbing tale of Gotham Police Commissioner Jim Gordon’s very bad day, as engineered by the Joker, continues to be the watermark by which the relationship of the Batman and the Joker is measured. In […] Read Story

  • scent of may rain exclusive preview Exclusive Preview: THE SCENT OF MAY RAIN From Weekend Warrior Comics

    THE SCENT OF MAY RAIN is the latest release from Weekend Warrior Comics, and Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive three-page preview for you. About the book: A Jewish golem woman created in 1920 spends 100 years on a journey to reveal her soul through her relationships with other women and theatre. The 48-page comic […] Read Story

  • Longbox Legends: ASTONISHING X-MEN & Looking Back to Reach Forward

    lThe story of the X-Men in comics is the medium’s equivalent of common biblical knowledge. Even casual non-comics fans are familiar with the trails of mutantkind and Charle Xavier’s team of naturally gifted heroes. From conflicts with Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants to the discovery of the Phoenix Force, and from Days of Future Past to […] Read Story

  • BATMAN: GOTHIC – Why More People Don’t Talk About This Series

    During the first half of 1990, two much-beloved creators wrote a five-issue Batman story, Batman: Gothic, alas, 30 years later, it’s hardly spoken of. Although the story may be 30 years old, beware of spoilers! A few do pop up. Looking at the casting call, you’d be surprised it isn’t as high up on reader’s […] Read Story

  • The Scent Of May Rain, cover Review: THE SCENT OF MAY RAIN Questions Tradition And Purpose

    THE SCENT OF MAY RAIN is the latest independently-produced graphic novel from Mark O. Stack and team. It’s a thought provoking piece of art that challenges the expectations of love, family, tradition, religion, and sexuality. The digital release is set for 5/27, with the print release tentatively set for 6/17. You can pre-order either version […] Read Story

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