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  • Spawn back and better than ever SPAWN: The Retroactive Redemption of Todd McFarlane

    Spawn is a character that needs very little introduction. He’s the character who puts Image Comics on the public radar thanks to the cultural zeitgeist. But that hasn’t been apparent in twenty years. Part of it has to do with a number of lawsuits that creator Todd McFarlane was involved in. But with Spawn’s appearance […] Read Story

  • Star Wars Bounty Hunters #2, Barmejo cover Review: STAR WARS BOUNTY HUNTERS #2 Sees The Hunters Converge

    STAR WARS BOUNTY HUNTERS #2 jumps right into the action with the competing bounty hunters racing to be the first to find Nakano Lash. Will they kill each other before they get to Nakano? Let’s find each out? How did we get here? In issue #1, a group of bounty hunters disbands and scatter throughout […] Read Story

  • Marvels Snapshots Fantastic Four. Ross cover Review: MARVELS SNAPSHOTS FANTASTIC FOUR Brings A New Twist

    MARVELS SNAPSHOTS FANTASTIC FOUR, available from Marvel Comics on March 25th, is part of a series of one-shots that looks at a slice of life with the Fantastic Four. This is not your typical FF adventure story, so is it worth the price of admission? Let’s find out. Cover Alex Ross painted the cover showing […] Read Story

  • How X-FACTOR #87 (1993) Changed My Concept Of What A Comic Book Could Be How X-FACTOR #87 (1993) Changed My Concept Of What A Comic Book Could Be

    Comics from the ’90s gets a bad rep; rightly so in some cases. Much like any era, it has its fair share of hits and misses. It just so happens its misses where the shape of insanely muscle-bound (roided out) leading men, and scantly clad hourglass figured Femme Fatales. Granted, X-Factor #87 has both of […] Read Story

  • Comfort Comics Reading Comics Can Give You Comfort; Here Are Just A Few Choices

    A lot of us are in need of a little comfort and escape right now, which is hard for some with social isolation. But comics are one of THE best mediums for that. And with no new comic book releases scheduled until further notice, we funny book fans can always turn to our beloved long […] Read Story

  • Fire Power a cover that perfectly displays the need for balance Review: Look Beyond the Surface of FIRE POWER

    Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee has an unfortunate pre-release reputation as an Iron Fist rip-off, but Robert Kirkman makes a strong point that first impressions aren’t everything. Hopefully, coming out on April 29, Kirkman and co-creator Chris Samnee deliver a great story about spiritual balance. Fire Power The Spirit of Martial Arts If anyone […] Read Story

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