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  • Paper Cuts Anthology Review Review: PAPER CUTS is an Anthology of Eclectic Stories

    Paper Cuts, a new anthology comic book currently on Kickstarter, is a strange book. You won’t find a common character, or genre, or theme within its pages. It features a collection of stories by talented writers and artists, most of whom are alumni of the Comics and Illustration program at Memphis College of Art. What […]

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  • Flash 73 fi Review: THE FLASH #73 Perfectly Focuses on the Man Behind the Mask

    The Flash Gets Back on Track! The Flash is in the midst of his first year, and it’s been quite an eventful one. After coming back from the future, Barry defeats the Turtle in an attempt to rewrite it. The villain is sent to Iron Heights, and Barry continues with his superhero career. Iris has […]

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  • Detective Comics #1006 Review: DETECTIVE COMICS #1006 Takes a Darker Thematic Turn

    It’s the start of a new story arc in Detective Comics #1006, and the creative team of Peter J. Tomasi and Kyle Hotz aren’t shying away from the dark content here. A grisly, cult-like execution in a Gotham alley calls down perhaps the DC Universe’s most lethal enforcer, The Spectre. In the ensuing chaos, the […]

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  • Batman: Damned #3 Review: A Suitably Downer Ending in BATMAN: DAMNED #3

    Nearly seven months after the last installment, Batman: Damned #3 finally closes out Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo’s saga. It’s been an abstract and meandering ride, overshadowed somewhat by the controversy around the first issue’s withdrawal from shelves. Now, though, we finally crossed the finish line. After being rescued from entombment by Swamp Thing, Batman […]

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  • AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #24: New Villain On The Rise

    Following the fantastic “HUNTED” arc, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #24 begins to show us a bit more of this mysterious new villain that’s been lurking in the shadows. Nick Spencer is joined by artist Ryan Ottley once again to begin the next chapter of the duo’s top-notch series. ***SPOILERS LIE AHEAD***   Peter and MJ spend some quality time […]

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  • BOOKS OF MAGIC #9 cover art Review: BOOKS OF MAGIC #9 Takes Us Into The Book Prison

    BOOKS OF MAGIC #9 shifts the spotlight from the young wizard Timothy Hunter to the friend he’s searched for tirelessly: Ellie. Readers of the series will remember her imprisonment inside of a book at the hands of their school librarian Mr. Davies. With Tim and Ms. Rose no where to be found, Ellie must navigate […]

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  • WAR OF THE REALMS Wraps Up Flawlessly

    Jason Aaron’s massive epic, WAR OF THE REALMS, comes to a close with issue #6. It all comes down to the multiple Odinson’s to stop Malekith’s reign of terror.

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  • Fantastic Four #11 Cover Review: A Driving Test Menaces The Team in FANTASTIC FOUR #11

    In Fantastic Four #11, a new adversary threatened to defeat the heroes once and for all. The team was nearly defeated by… a driving test. 

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