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  • Charlie's Angels Featured CHARLIE’S ANGELS: Not Quite Heaven, But Fun

    The latest version of CHARLIE’S ANGELS is a light pleasure assisted by a humorous energetic Kristen Stewart performance says ComicsVerse’s Tim Stevens.

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  • Charlie's Angels: Mid-Credits Featured CHARLIE’S ANGELS Mid Credits Scene: Worth a Hang?

    In our continuing commitment to service, ComicsVerse reveals if CHARLIE’S ANGELS has mid-credits scenes and if they’re worth seeing.

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  • To Seize or Not To Seize in REAVER #5

    The Siege of the Anvil! Will any of Hell’s Half-Dozen survive? Find out here!

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  • The Auteur with a reference to Fantastic Four THE AUTEUR: How Narratives Warp Reality

    The Auteur, written by Rick Spears, with art by James Callahan and Luigi Anderson is a series from Oni Press known for its absurdist look at both Hollywood and filmmaking. However, there is much more to this than just a narcissistic producer and his lofty goals. Movies, comics, and a few other narratives tell about […] Read Story

  • Review: BLACK CAT Annual #1 is Old-School Comic Book Fun

    The Black Cat has a plan to use a secret tradition for a major cash heist against the Maggia. She just needs a wedding dress and your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man to pull it off. Black Cat Annual #1 is what an annual should be: Fun, funny, and slightly off-topic from the main book while providing […] Read Story

  • MIDNIGHT VISTA #4 – AfterShock Comics Exclusive Preview

    Midnight Vista #4 hits your local comic book store on December 4th, but thanks to AfterShock Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive four-page preview. Midnight Vista is based on a true story; written by Eliot Rahal, with art by Clara Meath, Mark Englert handled colors, Taylor Esposito is on letters, and Juan Doe created […] Read Story

  • Review: Nora Goes Rogue in DETECTIVE COMICS #1015

    Mr. Freeze finally has his beloved wife back by his side. But, as we see in Detective Comics #1015, out this week from DC Comics, something’s a little…off…about the revived Nora. The Frieses terrorize the city while Bruce, Alfred, and Lucius rush to find a way to rescue Freeze’s victims. Over the course of their […] Read Story

  • Black Hammer Variant JUSTICE LEAGUE/BLACK HAMMER – HAMMER OF JUSTICE #5: Focusing on the Quiet Moments

    In Justice League/Black Hammer – Hammer of Justice #5, writer Jeff Lemire, artist Michael Walsh and letterer Nate Piekos bring us a finale that values whispers over big booms. When we last saw our band of world-swappers, Mr. Mxyzptlk had given them an ultimatum: ALL of you swap back to your worlds willingly, or not […] Read Story

  • EVENT LEVIATHAN #6 Gives Us the Best Kind of Ending, A Beginning

    In Event Leviathan #6, writer Brian Michael Bendis, artist Alex Maleev, and letterer Josh Reed invert their series finale to show us something we wanted more than what we thought we wanted. It’s impossible to write about an issue like this without getting right into the spoilers, so please don’t read on if you haven’t […] Read Story

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