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  • Panel Breakdown: Venom's First Appearance By Todd McFarlane & David Michelinie Panel Breakdown: Venom’s First Appearance By Todd McFarlane & David Michelinie

    Welcome to PANEL BREAKDOWN, a weekly series where we take a look at our favorite panels of a comic book. This week we are talking about the first appearance of Venom from Amazing Spider-Man #298, 299, & 300. The story was written by David Michelinie, with art by Todd McFarlane, inks by Bob McLeod, colors […] Read Story

  • Why You Should Read: HARROW COUNTY

    Horror is one of the most versatile genres in all of fiction. From slashers to psychological thrillers, and from creature features to supernatural terrors, its umbrella of subjects reaches far and wide. This is why it’s also such a subjective medium. The opinions and tastes of horror fans differ more from person to person than […] Read Story

  • Mammy Yokum On Reading the 1st Year of Li’l Abner: Mammy and Pappy Yokum

    In addition to being Abner’s moral compass, Mammy is a force unto herself. In just one year publication, Mammy settles a fraud dispute, exposes graft in a local beauty contest — which she ends up winning herself — settles a multi-million-dollar adoption dispute, rescues her husband from being tortured, and cooks about a billion po’k chops.

    Read Story
  • Invisible Kingdom #9 cover detail Review: INVISIBLE KINGDOM #9 A Reality Check In The Depths Of Space

    Invisible Kingdom is a fully rounded, modern science-fiction comic with the usual thrills and spills but also, an extra, deeper, social conscience.

    Read Story
  • Anubis: Dog of Death #1 Kickstarter Review: ANUBIS: DOG OF DEATH #1

    From writer Sindre Finnøy and artist John Barry Ballaran, Anubis: Dog of Death #1 will soon be available to support on Kickstarter.  What is it about cute, small creatures with diabolic tendencies that we can’t seem to get enough of? Characters such as Stewie Griffin on Family Guy, Brain on Pinky and the Brain, and […] Read Story

  • aftershock comics comic books exclusive preview animosity #26 AfterShock Comics Exclusive Preview: ANIMOSITY #26

    ANIMOSITY #26 hits your local comic book store February 18th, but thanks to AfterShock Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive four-page preview for you. About the issue: In the land of the kings of Texas, the only thing worth more than oil — is blood. ANIMOSITY #26 is by writer Marguerite Bennett, and artists […] Read Story

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